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FARMAFLOR is an Italian nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company with a rich corporate heritage and long tradition.

We have been in business for more than a century; our origins date back to 1904, when the company was born, specializing in the business of collecting, processing and selling in Italy and abroad wild herbs from the alpine and pre-alpine belt of southern Piedmont. Our work is passion, continuous research, discovery, dedication and Made in Italy quality.

Great attention to quality and careful selection of raw materials place us among the best Italian producers. Production follows GMP, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP quality standards in addition to ICEA organic certification.

We develop and produce Food Supplements, Medical Devices, Special Purpose Foods and Cosmetics, on behalf of third parties, in all solid and liquid form pharmaceuticals. The types of packaging cover all the requirements of the industry in the sector: sachets, bulk, pill bottles, single-dose vials, jars, blisters, vials, stick-packs, etc.

Our highly qualified scientific staff can support you from the idea of product birth to its realization, and thanks to our in-house research and development we offer the detailed study of the formulation based on the choice of the most suitable ingredients for the market strategies. We can support our clients in the preparation of technical dossiers, pilot trials, label notifications, as well as the graphic study of the product and the creation of advertising material.

Our facilities are located in natural and pristine environments.

FARMAFLOR is constantly evolving, the desire to do better and better, after years of experience in this field, is the engine that pushes us every day towards achieving new goals.

What we do


Patents, exclusive raw materials, innovative products with greater functionality and bioavailability.

EUROPEAN PATENT for industrial invention No.: 2535047 "Nutritional composition based on the combination of D-Mannose, Citrates and Bioflavonoids"- Publication: 11/28/2018

ITALIAN PATENT for industrial invention No.: 0001395328 "Nutritional composition containing Butyric Acid mixed with Probiotics and Prebiotics" - Publication: 09/14/2012

ITALIAN PATENT for Industrial Invention No.: 102020000012082 "Nutritional composition including extract of Serenoa Repens, extract of Pygeum Africanum, extract of Epilobium Angustifolium and/or Epilobium Parviflorum" - Publication: 13/07/2022

ITALIAN PATENT for Industrial Invention No.: 102016000088648 "Nutritional or pharmaceutical composition and dietary supplement containing a salt of alginic acid and a salt of hyaluronic acid" - Publication: 17/05/2019


Portfolio Princeps "READY TO GO products"

We create customized and exclusive solutions for our customers thanks to our continuous research, new raw materials analysis and new formulas development.
To offer our customers Ready-to-Market products for different therapeutic areas we develop products related by tested and validated clinical studies to certify effectiveness.


Otolaryngology - Pulmonology

Vascular medicine and Proctology

Orthopedic - Physiatrist





General medicine

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